Keynote lectures

Rank prize lecture

“Feedforward and feedback processing for visual perception and attentional selection”
Pieter R. Roelfsema
Netherlands Institue of Neuroscience

Perception lecture

“Vision cares about Gestalts, which scares vision science”
Johan Wagemans
University of Leuven (KU Leuven)

Special symposia

As in previous years, we would like to invite everyone with an idea for a suitable topic and a well-balanced line-up of excellent speakers to submit a symposium proposal. A good symposium should be more than the sum of the individual talks. It should offer a nice introductory overview (i.e., accessible to those who are less familiar with the topic), address a coherent set of questions from a variety of angles (e.g.,different disciplines, different theoretical perspectives), and offer some general conclusions or directions for future research.

Submissions should consist of a one-page (A4) proposal, consisting of a title, a short description of the topic and motivation of its importance and broad interest, the name of the symposium convener (who provides the introductory overview) and a line-up of 2 to 4 confirmed speakers with affiliations and titles of their talks. The proposal should be sent as a PDF by email to before March 6, 2020.

Please, note that the conference is not able to cover the cost of the speakers, hence all speakers will have to register and pay for their own travel and accommodation. Everyone proposing a symposium will be informed about the selection (accepted or not) before March 15, 2020. Those who have their symposium accepted should inform their speakers and ask them to register and submit their individual abstract through the regular registration and abstract submission system before the deadline indicated on the website. Symposium participants will be allowed to submit another abstract as first author for the regular talk or poster session.

We are looking forward to receiving many excellent symposium proposals!


Details about talks will be posted when the program is finalized.


Details about poster presentations will be posted when the program is finalized.

Demo night

Please, consider submitting an exciting demonstration for our Demo night taking place on the 25th of August from 17:00 to 19:30. We welcome presentations of novel effects that will excite colleagues and inspire new research and strong demonstrations of classic phenomena. Proposals should be sent to

Demo night will be organized in cooperation with technical museum Nikola Tesla. During Demo night, participants will be able to explore their permanent exhibition and to enjoy additional demonstrations in the cabinet of Nikola Tesla.